The Pros And Cons Of Land For Sale With Planning

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During your search to buy land, it’s important you find out whether the land you’re looking at has planning permission available. Any homeowner or business owner who wants to build on their own patch of earth will have to submit a planning application. But if you’re buying land that already has planning permission, there are definitely some pros that are already in your favour. This article looks at the pros and cons of buying land for sale with planning.

What is Planning Permission?

For any building you want to construct, or even for a house extension, you will need to apply for planning permission, meaning  you are seeking permission from your local authority to build. After you’ve submitted your building application to your local council, they will then decide whether you can have permission to carry out your building plans.

From the point of view of the council, they need to assess your plans to ensure your building would not negatively impact the area (road traffic, neighbours, house values, etc), risk the health of nature and wildlife, and if your building plans are safe.

The failure to obtain permission is not illegal; however, the council will expect you to submit a retrospective application. If this application is denied then you will be expected to remove your construction (which could mean tearing down your brand new house!).

Thinking of buying land that has planning permission? What are the pros and cons?

Before you buy land with planning permission, it’s recommended you comprehend the pros and cons so you’re completely aware of what you’re signing up for. Let’s start with the benefits.

Saves time on applying for planning permission

Seeking permission can sometimes be a lengthy process. You could be waiting weeks or even months, depending on the subject of your application. For example, if there is a lot of resistance against your planning proposal from neighbours, the local authority may need more time to assess the situation. They will need to gather evidence and speak to people in the community before they can make a decision.

If the land you want to buy already has the planning permission you seek, this go-ahead means you can save months of time waiting and get started with the building work.

You can start building straightaway

As already mentioned above, if your land has planning permission, building work can get started immediately. For businesses, the sooner you can start working, the sooner you can start seeing returns on your investment. If you’re planning to build your dream house, having permission means the faster your house can be built and your family moved in.

Type of consent determines what you can and cannot do

Having planning permission granted on the land you want to buy can be a positive; but, there can be issues too. The type of planning permission your land has will determine whether you have permission to build your dream project or not.

For example: If your land has outline planning consent, you will be expected to provide more details to the local authority before you can start building.

It’s important to check what type of planning permission the land has so you’re 100% sure on what you can and cannot build. You don’t want to buy the land and then discover you will have to submit a different planning application.

Restricted conditions can add limitations

In some cases, a land may be granted planning permission but it may be subject to certain conditions. Which means you have been granted permission to build but there are restrictions you have to work within.

Some types of restrictions:

  • Height of the building
  • Size of the building
  • Type of materials used: bricks, stone, etc
  • Design: the design of the building has to be in keeping with the design aesthetic of the community

Buying land for sale with planning permission: good or bad?

As you can see from the article above, there are pros and cons to buying land with planning permission. If the permission granted meets your needs that means you can start construction straight away. However, if the planning permission restricts your plans that can cause major issues too. It’s worthwhile to remember, if an area of land already has planning permission, it’s possible the local authority will be open to accepting a different application.

Just remember to always read the terms of the planning permission before you buy so you’re fully aware of any restrictions you may be expected to follow.

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