Simple Guide To Buying Land To Build On Without An Agent Or Experience

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Looking to buy some land? Unlike buying a house where there are plenty of articles online and wise advice from family members available, buying land can seem rather alien. What do you need to do? What’s important to look out for? If you’ve never bought land before and you’re not interested in hiring the services of a land agent, here is some easy how-to advice to get started on buying land to build on.

What You Need To Know About Buying Land To Build On

When you’re looking to buy land to build on, it’s important to know now that it can be a long and difficult process. Anyone with experience buying land or a land agent will tell you that you have to be patient. In the UK, it can be difficult to find land to build on because a lot of land is protected.

Just be aware of this when you start your search and don’t let it demotivate you from fulfilling your building ambitions.

How to start - what do you need the land for?

Before you get started, it’s essential to determine exactly what you want to do with the land. Once you’ve sorted that, it will help you find the best land for your needs.

If you’re looking to buy land where you can build your dream home, this will filter the type of land you can buy. If you have any preferences, like location and services nearby, this will filter your options even more.

As you naturally don’t want to waste time looking at land that is unsuitable, keep a focused view on what you want.

Choose your location

Just like the previous point, by deciding on a geographical location where you want to buy land, you can save time in the future.

Buying land can be a waiting game and sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the right land site to become available. By choosing your location and keeping an eye on the latest land sales you can be the first to know when a site is available for sale.

Important To Know - Along with choosing an area where you want to build, you will also have to determine whether your ambitions are realistic. Is the area heavily protected from building projects? Has there been resistance from the public in the past about building new homes? Do research about the area where you want to buy land. If your dreams will struggle to bear fruit there, consider another geographical location.

Land with or without planning permission?

As you’re hoping to build on the land you buy, it’s worthwhile to look for land that already has planning permission. Land with planning permission shows the land has already been approved to have building work done and this can lower the risk of your building plans being denied or resisted further down the road.

There are two types of planning permissions you will come across: Outline Planning Permission and Detailed Planning Permission. Outline planning permission means the council has given consent for building but they will need more detailed plans before you can start construction. While detailed planning permission means the council has approved specific building plans and you can get started straightaway.

If a plot of land already has a detailed planning permission in place but it does not complement your building plans, you can submit another building proposal to the council.

There can be pros and cons to buying land with planning permission, make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you buy.

Start the search

There are many different ways you can search for land to buy without help from a land agent. Online listings are available. Some agents sell houses and land but it’s best if you can use an online platform that exclusively specialises in buying and selling land. This way you can get a focused search result, access to additional information about buying land and instant access to land sellers.

Many land buyers recommend that you should regularly drive around the area you would like to buy land so you can look out for landowners looking to sell their land privately.

Found the perfect land - what next?

Before you get ahead of yourself and put down an offer, it’s recommended you have the land surveyed. Even though land buying is competitive, it’s worthwhile that you get the land checked, especially if you intend to build on it.

Any problems under the soil can cause your building to sink or become unbalanced. If you intend to build on an area that is known to flood you need to either look for another plot of land or put the necessary defences in place.

After the land has been inspected, you’ve checked the planning permission (if it has any) and you’re happy with the results, place your bid.

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